Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Young And The Restless Season 39 Episode 76

Monday, July 11, 2011

As Sharon is placed under arrest at the barn dance, Piper screams at her father. Lee rapidly explains the situation. Sam shakes his head, saying there was so much that didn’t make sense. Sharon tells Sam she’s sorry as she’s led away.

When Noah arrives to pick up Faith from Ashley at Crimson Lights, both are shocked when they see breaking news on the television with Sharon's picture. Back at Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis both receive calls informing them that Sharon Newman was found in New Mexico and was arrested. After ejecting the restored memory card that reveals Sharon's innocence from his computer, Adam clicks onto his homepage and is overjoyed at the news that Sharon was found alive.

Jack is in his office when Victor appears looking for Ashley, saying he thought she would have ousted him by now. Jack says he’s not worried about his future there. Just then, Jack sees the news about Sharon on his computer. Victor takes a call from Michael and tells Jack that Sharon will be in Genoa City in the morning.

Phyllis arrives at the Police station and beelines for Spencer to get any information regarding Sharon's hideout in New Mexico. Spencer replies that he knows nothing but Phyllis continues to pry, asking if Sharon resisted arrest. Spencer calls out to an officer to have Phyllis escorted out of the precinct. Just as Phyllis begins to exit, Sharon arrives and the two women lock eyes.

Adam arrives at the precinct just as Phyllis is exiting. Phyllis begins to interrogate Adam, insinuating that Adam must have known Sharon was in hiding considering that he helped her escape. Phyllis reminds Adam that unless he can retrieve new evidence to prove Sharon's innocence, Sharon's new home will be a cell.

Michael advises Victor that he should avoid any involvement in Sharon's case in an effort to shield Newman Enterprises from any negative attention.
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