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Hot Cars All New Honda City Picture

Hot Cars All New Honda CityEvery year there's a new car models and honda would issue a new model every year. Although there is no certainty whether it will be launched end of the year or early next year, but the PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as a brand holder sole agents (ATPM) Honda in Indonesia has given the green light, All New Honda City will be marketed in Indonesia.

Unlike the previous design, the All-New City comes with the platform and use the same engine with Honda Jazz. All New City is also no longer use the 1.5-liter engine VTEC and 1.5-liter i-DSI.

As All-New Jazz, products that promote this fuel-efficient kitchen carrying implanted 1.5-liter i-VTEC (120 hp). Honda flagship sedan is available in five-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of the front face of the exterior similar to rival the Prius Hybrid car to be launched at the Paris Motor Show next October, the Honda Insight. Radiator grille for the Honda City has a resemblance to the Honda FCX Clarity.

Hot Cars All New Honda City PictureAll New Honda City and All New Honda Jazz has the exact same dashboard. But on the center console, buttons, door panels, seats, and shift knob have differences with the All New Honda Jazz. Elements other than the same dashboard with All New Honda Jazz is a three-finger steering wheel with paddle with shifternya.

Just as the All-New Honda Jazz, Honda City is the latest available is only one type of machine.

Previous generation Honda City has another variant with a more economical engine is 1.5-liter i-DSI with 88hp runway capacity to compete with the Aveo.

Currently Honda said the company does not plan to sell new Honda City with technology i-DSI engine.

In terms of dimensions of the All-New City attend a longer 5 mm (total 4395 mm), 5 mm wide (total 1695 mm) and 15 mm shorter (total 1470 mm).

Changes of this dimension as well as bringing rival Toyota Vios and Suzuki Baleno looks more aerodynamic than the previous generation.

Hot Cars All New Honda City ViewIn Thailand All New Honda City is sold at a price of U.S. $ 16,375 or approximately USD 150 million (U.S. $ 1 = USD $ 9300) for the lowest variant and $ 21,688 or approximately USD 201.8 million for higher models with additional features twin airbags and antilock brakes.

Thai Honda sales target of 35,000 units within the next 12 months and 24,000 units for export to various other parts of the world, like Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Honda City is planned to be on display at the Bangkok Auto Show in 2009 with the rivals, the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2.

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2009 Nissan GT-R Sport Car Review

GT-R was released as a trim level of the Skyline sedan in 1969. Briefly after that, the first GT-R coupe was introduced and produced until 1973. Sixteen years later, the GT-R was re-introduced into the Skyline lineup, known as the R32. The R32 featured the first application of a twin turbo inline-6 engine and a sophisticated AWD system. The R33 GT-R soon followed, becoming the first production car to break the 8-minute Nurburgring lap time. Since then, the GT-R has become a part of pop culture with a strong underground following, making appearances in the video game Gran-Turismo for Sony PS2 and in the movies, like the Fast and the Furious series. But this generation is different…this 2009 GT-R is NOT based on another model, like the previous four generations.

The exterior’s aggressive styling gives a powerful, strong, muscular, and precise look to the GT-R. The HID headlights feature three additional sub-reflectors unlike conventional lights, to spread the light wide and low for cornering. The rear, of course, has the traditional GT-R four-ring LED taillights. The 20-inch “high luster smoke gray” forged aluminum wheels (9.5″ front, 10.5″ rear) with special bead knurling are the only wheel/tire option for now, due to the G forces that the GT-R is able to produce under extreme braking and accelerating conditions. Worried about getting door-dinged in the parking lot? The GT-R has durable chip-resistant paint with a double clear coat process.

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Most Beautiful Top Five Narrow, Majestic And Reatest Driving Road In The World

1. Oberalp Pass – Switzerland
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldThe Oberalp Pass is a fantastic road in the gorgeous alpine Swiss Alps in Switzerland. It has central part of the country with the Graubunden. Oberland region is made by a majestic road in Europe. The Oberalp Pass is opened only during the summer months.

2. Romanian road Transfagarasan
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldRomanian Transfagarasan is a most beautiful road in the world. It has climbing to 2,034 metre and north and south across the highest part of the Carpathian Mountains between the highest peak in the country.

3. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road – UAE
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldJebel Hafeet Mountain Road is reatest driving road in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has tretching for 7.3 miles and climbing nearly 4,000 feet.

4. Crazy Drives: Iroha-Zaka, Japan
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-World Iroha-Zaka, Japan is a most road plays a significant role in Japanese history. The route was popular with Buddhist pilgrims on their way to Lake Chuzenji,Iroha-Zaka ascends more than 1,300 feet.

5. Stelvio Pass Road, Italy
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldStelvio Pass Road has eastern Alps countryside of Italy are incredibly breathtaking.

Jenny Wolf Interiors

I love pinterest.  Who doesn't?  I stumbled across Jenny Wolf interiors while pinning and I hopped over to look at her portfolio - I am so glad I did.  I really like her style.  She grew up in the South and credits her style to her Southern roots.  Anyway, I like what I saw and thought I'd share.

Pretty, huh?  

Also, I realized I never posted my pinterest account on my blog before.  If you want to follow my boards, you can find me here

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Along with all the other fun and not so fun things on our list of things we wanted to get done over our week long Christmas vacation we added try new recipes to it at the last minute {the reason it's not on the "official" list}.....
 This actually got pushed till the last few days we were home. Mostly because we were exhausted and our kitchen was covered in dust up until the end of the week. What we did manage to try was definitely worth the wait! First up, French Toast. Alton Brown style. Here is the recipe. I do not have a picture of ours... probably because I was to busy scarfing it down. If you haven't gotten it by now we are obsessed with Alton. Talon watches EVERY episode of Good Eats. So far, all of his recipes that we've tried have turned out really he is our current go to for new recipes.  We also tried his Sour Cream Cheese Cake.
The picture does not do it justice. So good. Did you guys cook up any new treats over the holidays? That was one of my favorite parts about this past holiday season...trying new for family and baking sweet treats for friends. Now I miss Christmas. Only 11 more months!

Tongariro National Park - NewZealand World Heritage Extremely Popular Destination For Tourists

The Tongariro National Park Located in the central North Island. It has oldest national park in the country and a World Heritage. The First property to be inscribed in the World Heritage List. The Tongariro crossing near Turangi is an extremely popular destination for tourists. Tongariro Crossing a favorite one-day hike. Tongariro National Park, New Zealand provides a vast myriad of activities including trout fishing, canoeing, kayaking, jet boating, scenic rail, skiing, snowboarding, camping, scenic flights, trail-biking etc. The park’s most popular activity is the “Tongariro Alpine Crossing” – a day trek.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

So, by now I am sure you get the point that we were on a mission to make our kitchen more functional and organized during our time off. We customized our pantry {more about that here} and customized our kitchen drawers {more about that here}. The next and last item on our agenda was to make an easy to access space for our pots and pans. Up until now they were crammed in to the back of a corner cabinet and you were likely to be injured if you attempted to get one out. After much searching on the Internet we really loved the fancy pull out drawers that a lot of the high end kitchens have. Which got Talon's wheels to spinning and the idea of making our own custom pull out drawers evolved....
This is a bottom cabinet and used to hold unnecessary kitchen items {ex: crock pot - could totally be re-located to a less easier to reach location since we do not use it on a daily basis}. So, it was a prime candidate for the mini-makeover.
This is how Talon said we did it {my portion was all moral support}: We measured the cabinet opening and determined the location of the trays. We then glued and tacked in some support risers for the slides {which we purchased at Home Depot} to be screwed into. We then had to determine the height that the slide needed to be, leveled it, then screwed them in {this had to be done for both sides and both drawers}. Up next it was time to build the drawers themselves. We measured the distance between the slides to determine the drawer width. The MDF that we were using was cut down to the appropriate width. We also had to cut strips that equal the depth that we wanted the drawers to be. Once everything was glued and nailed together all we had to do was mount them on the slides.
This has by far been the greatest thing we have done in our kitchen. It's no longer a fight to get a pot or a pan for cooking. We simply open the cabinet and pull out a drawer. The slides that we used allow the trays to extend all the way out of the cabinet making it even easier to grab things from the back. That wraps up our kitchen organization/customization craziness but we are already brewing other ideas for the future!  

Crushing hard....

I know Nick Olsen's apartment featured on West Elm's blog, has been all over the blogosphere, but I had to post it because it provides endless inspiration (at least for me).

What I'm loving....

1. Stripes on wall
2. Yellow lamp with black shade
3. Classic linens 
4. Antique table
5. Stack of books 

If you haven't seen it, go here.  

In other news, we're slowly getting settled in our apartment!  Luke had his first day of school today at the Vienna Montessori school and he really liked it.  I'm so relieved.  More later. 

Our latest Amazing World Top Five Background Photos, Scene

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2012 Vibrant Ahmedabad In Gujarat International Kite Significant Festivals

Vibrant Ahmedabad in Gujarat is the best place to celebrate this festival. Gujarat specially known for Uttarayan, specially enjoys Makar Sankranti as kite-flying day. International Kite Festival of Gujarat has its own significance. This celebration marks the end of winter. Kite Festival is held at Ahmedabad on January 14 every year. The International Kite Festival, coinciding with the festival of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. This festival attracts Connoisseurs of kites from the world. Festival is being held in important cities of Gujarat each year. Uttarayan is the time to indulge in ceaseless amazement - in the most pulse racing kite competitions. The day is marked with the traditional food/delicacy festival of Gujarat like the undhiyu (a delicacy of vegetables), jalebi (sweets), til ladoo and chikki for the guests from different parts of world. The sky is filled with different colours of kites.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm alive....

but just not 100% with it.  We survived the long plane trip (long b/c our kids barely slept) but we, thankfully, made it safely to Wien.

Here is a picture of us at the start of our trip....

and, at the tail end of the trip when the kids finally passed out (with literally 20 minutes to go).  Isn't that always the case?

We're suffering from severe jet lag and when I say 'we' I mean the kids;  but I am the one telling Luke at 2 AM in the morning that it isn't time to get up yet.  I'll be back soon.....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Organize Your Drawers.

Remember yesterday's post where I listed all the things we wanted to do during our time off over Christmas and New Years? One of those things was 'Drawer Organization.' We were referencing our kitchen drawers. Specifically, we had three drawers in mind. Utensil, silverware and one that was empty and providing no function for our kitchen. The utensil and silverware drawers contained plastic trays similar to this....
We've always hated those things. They get dirty and slide all over the drawer. So we removed them and we were left with blank slates...
 We quickly customized them to look like this....
Here's a run down on how we (aka Talon) did it. First we purchased 1/2 inch mdf. It's about $26.00 for a 4x8 sheet. We then measured the depths of the drawers and ripped strips out of the plywood on the table saw to that depth. The best part was that we got to customize them however we wanted. For example, length and width for every slot was our decision. Once we decided on the size of each insert we measured them and cut the ripped strips to the desired length. Per Talon, this was extremely easy and I can vouch that it took him less than an hour to complete the inserts.  
Here is the utensil drawer with all of our kitchen gadgets placed back in it. What used to feel like a junk drawer feels like an organized and easy to access space. Everything seems to fit so much better and with the built in dividers we are able to use every inch of the drawer. Where with the plastic inserts we were limited.

We didn't stop there. We still needed something to do with that empty drawer that really had no purpose. We decided it would be best utilized if it held all of our cutting knifes.  It would also get rid of that gigantic knife block holder. Three cheers for that.  
 Talon claimed this was a little bit trickier than the others. Here's how he did it. Measured the depth of the drawer and determined the position of the knife block. He then glued several strips of the mdf together to add up to slightly less than the depth of the drawer. Using the miter saw, ripped out slots for the knife blades to rest in. Then, using a piece of scrap, glue on an extra piece to support the knife handles, which keeps the front of the knife from lifting out of the slot. It was all then nailed to the drawer with a nail gun (Tal's Tip: Use the appropriate length nail and only in strategic positions to avoid splitting the mdf (it can be done on 1/2 inch) and/or a blowout). 
What do you think? Aren't they so fancy? We've loved all of our custom drawers so far!