Sunday, January 15, 2012

2009 Nissan GT-R Sport Car Review

GT-R was released as a trim level of the Skyline sedan in 1969. Briefly after that, the first GT-R coupe was introduced and produced until 1973. Sixteen years later, the GT-R was re-introduced into the Skyline lineup, known as the R32. The R32 featured the first application of a twin turbo inline-6 engine and a sophisticated AWD system. The R33 GT-R soon followed, becoming the first production car to break the 8-minute Nurburgring lap time. Since then, the GT-R has become a part of pop culture with a strong underground following, making appearances in the video game Gran-Turismo for Sony PS2 and in the movies, like the Fast and the Furious series. But this generation is different…this 2009 GT-R is NOT based on another model, like the previous four generations.

The exterior’s aggressive styling gives a powerful, strong, muscular, and precise look to the GT-R. The HID headlights feature three additional sub-reflectors unlike conventional lights, to spread the light wide and low for cornering. The rear, of course, has the traditional GT-R four-ring LED taillights. The 20-inch “high luster smoke gray” forged aluminum wheels (9.5″ front, 10.5″ rear) with special bead knurling are the only wheel/tire option for now, due to the G forces that the GT-R is able to produce under extreme braking and accelerating conditions. Worried about getting door-dinged in the parking lot? The GT-R has durable chip-resistant paint with a double clear coat process.

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