Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wayag Island

For those of you who really like to Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and swimming, I recommend you to visit the Wayag Island which is amazing.

Wayag Island is located at West Waigeo subdistrict , Raja Ampat regency or Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province - Indonesia. This island group consists of steep karst islands shaped like a mushroom that sprung from the sea. Enjoy the beauty of these coral islands from near like included in a large hall with amazing coral islands around us.

In the Wayag there is a coral islands that is generally visited by foreign travelers. To reach the coral peak takes about 30 minutes. Because usually climbing, rocks along the track taken also not so sharp, but not necessarily minimal challenge.

In the area of this island there is also the location of the dive. Turtles, manta rays, and fish Kalabia are some animals that can be encountered here. Kalabia is an excellent fish at this location. Endemic fish that live in marine waters of Cenderawasih Bay, Raja Ampat and Triton Bay is a new species of the genus Hemiscylliidae. Uniquely shaped shark fin lizard is running when foraging on the reefs.

No doubt, underwater natural beauty like the magic that hypnotize the attention of tourists who come for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Because the marine life diversity in the Raja Ampat area is the highest recorded on Earth. Diversity is considerably greater than any other area sampled in the Coral Triangle composed of Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea. The Coral Triangle is the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity, making Raja Ampat quite possibly the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world.

1,309 fish species, 537 coral species (a remarkable 96% of all scleractinia recorded from Indonesia are likely to occur in these islands), and 699 mollusk species, the variety of marine life is staggering. Some areas boast enormous schools of fish and regular sightings of sharks

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau.

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