Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tongkonan - Tana Toraja Traditional House

Indonesia is a country very rich in culture and its tourism places, many of the travelers who are amazed to see that condition, from results it culture one of which is Tongkonan traditional house.

Tongkonan traditional house Located in Tondon village, Tana Toraja regency, South Sulawesi - Indonesia, Tongkonan or Baruang Tongkonan is where people in the village to gather, deliberation, and solve indigenous problems, Tongkon means sit. The word 'an' to say place.

The Toraja ancestor came from Latimojong Mountains, most of all the Toraja house facing north This refers to Puang Matua was in the north, Puang Matua means the Creator, or Almighty God, according to Toraja people who created the earth and all contents.

Tongkonan own shape is the house on stilts built from a combination of sticks and sheets of board. If observed, rectangular-shaped diagram to follow the practical shape of the timber material. No varnish or lacquer, it all comes from uru wood, a type of local wood that comes from Sulawesi. Quality wood is good enough and many are found in the Toraja.

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