Tuesday, July 12, 2011

rihanna a model Of Armani

Rihanna with all the charm and sound that have really took it to the peak of his career as a singer career.After really be recognized in the world, Rihanna's now become a model armani.

Rihanna at the upcoming autumn able to replace Megan Fox to be a model of female underwear and jeans from the world-famous brand itu.Rihanna is very worthy to be chosen because she has a beautiful body shape.

"You'll never guess what I'm doing now!! Hint hint # Armani" wrote singer California King Bed is proudly via Twitter account. With this announcement, Rihanna will soon undergo shooting and launched his campaign in September around the world.

Rihanna will be wearing products from Armani and will promote it to the World.And not only that it Now Rihanna is at the top ranks of the artists who had been a model Armani.

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