Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please, Change Or Stop

There's a million gay dating websites, but the one i'd say is the most popular in Montreal is http://www.gay411.com/.
(Grindr is an iphone app)
A thing that bugs me about that site, is that i've been on it off and on since 2003, and it's always the same people you see on there, and some of those people HAVE THE SAME PHOTOS as they did in 2003.
Listen Bitches! It ain't possible, you don't still look like that! Change! We all know you, we see you all the time, and that photo has been there for CENTURIES!
a guy told me on there today ''Why are you ignoring me?'' I responded ''Why are you stalking me? You've had the same photos for 8 years, and every 2 weeks you send me a message, STOP!''
thanks for letting me vent.

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