Monday, July 18, 2011

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is a very popular tourist destination, having a Beach which is considered to be one of the finest in Java and which offers excellent surfing. This beach is located in the Village of Pananjung, Pangandaran sub-district, Ciamis regency, West Java - Indonesia. 

Pangandaran Beach has become increasingly popular with surfers as there are several beaches and surf breaks within easy travelling distance. There are also surfboard hire facilities and surf schools available at the beach.

Pangandaran is also popular with Indonesian domestic tourists, particularly during the holidays of Ramadan, New Year and during the Kite Festival in July.

This beach has some popular places among others :

There are green canyon, Can see the sunrise and sunsets from the same place, Sloping beach with clear water and the distance between the ups and downs of sea water is relatively long to allow us to swim safely, There are beaches with white sand, There are rescue teams beach tourism, Roads are paved smooth with adequate street lighting, There is a sea park with fish and fascinating sea life, There is a cave relics of Japanese soldiers in World War II.

On the pangandaran beach area there are also many hotels and resort facilities, bank, ATM, Money Changer, cinemas, discotheque, bike rental place and tires, jet skis, post office, vouchers pulse and also souvenir outlets.

Some events that can be tourists witnessed at Pangandaran beach:
  • Sea party, the ceremony conducted by fishermen in Pangandaran as a manifestation of their gratitude to the Almighty God by way of preparing offerings to the sea. This event is usually held in each month Muharram
  • Pangandaran International Kite Festival with a variety of supporting activities which we can see in every month of June or July

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