Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Noah's Ark Replica Will Enliven The 2012 Olympics

Do you know about the Ark of the famous prophet Noah, after 4000 years of not sailing, prophet Noah’s Ark which has a length of 450 feet and 75 feet wide, Now a replica of prophet Noah's Ark will enliven the Olympic 2012 in English, plan the prophet Noah's Ark replica built by Johan Huibers is going to sea to the river Thames UK next year. Making a replica of Noah the prophet of this ark complete with a variety of animal pairs that cost more than 1 million pounds.

The ark is built using Swedish pine wood, which he believes as ordained by God to the Prophet Noah, Huibers also will plan to make the voyage to Asia and Australia.

Johan Huibers is a Dutch construction company owner, Johan 60-year-old hopes his ark, to tell the story of Noah, so it can inspire people, after a replica of this ark is finished, he wrote a letter to the British mayor Boris Johnson to ask for permission enliven Olympics 2012 in the British capital.

Huibers decided to build a boat weighing 3,000 tons was about 20 years ago after obtaining a dream that Holland will be swept away by a great flood. Previously he had built the same ark but in half scale and has been opened to public in 2007.

Huibers started building the ark with the original size of this three years ago in the river Dordrecht near Rotterdam. Based on the biblical story, he started building these magnificent arks.

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