Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kona Coffee

How are you today for Coffee Lovers, now I will give information about kona coffee, Kona coffee is a very special type of coffee, this coffee comes from the Hawaiian kona district. Kona district has fertile volcanic soil and humid atmosphere is very suitable for growing coffee. If you begin to taste the kona coffee in the glass then you will realize that kona coffee has a delicate flavor. This coffee has a mild acidity, and offers deep aroma that will really stand out for coffee lovers.

Kona coffee beans, including the most expensive coffee on the market, and is renowned as one of the world's best coffee. Kona coffee has long been cultivated by the Hawaiian people for generations in the north and south kona for over 175 years.

Kona Coffee beans are harvested by selecting the coffee beans are already cooked and only picked by hand so that it can produce a sweet coffee, the way this is one advantage to harvest the coffee crop compared with the aid of a machine that causes the coffee beans are immature and imperfect join picked so that the effect on the taste of coffee.

Due to the expensive, Kona coffee beans are often mixed with other types of coffee before being sold in local markets.

If you buy a pack of coffee beans that are labeled Kona, you must be very careful in reading labels. Most packs contain 10% or less of Kona coffee and the rest is inferior coffee, South American coffee beans.

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