Thursday, July 21, 2011

Isla Fisher: I have Flying Phobia

The US Trends | Isla Fisher: I have Flying Phobia | Isla Fisher was allowed to have a tour of the cockpit on a Virgin America flight to New York to ease her fear of flying. Isla Fisher has flying phobia. Isla Fisher is scared of flying. The ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ star was spotted freaking out as she boarded a Virgin America flight to New York on Monday night (11.07.11).

Luckily for the 35-year-old actress – who is married to Sacha Baron Cohen, with whom she has two daughters Olive, three, and baby Elula -the cabin crew realised she was nervous about the flight and let her speak to the pilot to alleviate her fears.

She was given a tour of the cockpit before the plane took off and as a thank you to staff, Isla Fisher posed for photographs with various crew members.

According to the New York Post newspaper, Isla Fisher was overheard telling a friend on the phone as she sat down on the plane, "I just met the pilots. They're really nice. I always feel better when I meet the pilots”.

Isla Fisher isn’t the only actress who is scared of flying.

Amy Adams is so frightened of air travel she will only board a plane if she can sit by someone she knows.

She previously revealed: "I've had some embarrassing episodes at airports. Certain American airlines don't assign seats and there have been times when I couldn't sit next to my companion. I've had a few meltdowns trying to get someone to change seats with me." - THE US TRENDS

Isla Fisher: I have Flying Phobia

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