Friday, July 15, 2011

Cijeruk Beach - Future Beach Of Bali

Garut has a wealth of potential growth in world tourism especially when you see all the beaches in the city of Garut, You will enjoy the beaches are very beautiful and still very natural, beaches in the city of Garut often dubbed "Future Beach of Bali" by tourists who come to Garut, one of which is the beach of Cijeruk Indah.

Cijeruk Beach or Cijeruk Indah Beach is the object of fascination and beach tourism in Garut city, located in the village of Sagara, Pameungpeuk sub-district, West Java Province. Along the way to the this Cijeruk Indah beach you will see beautiful views of quality, and safety of the journey was safe.

Tourism activities that can be done generally in the form of boating, fishing and enjoying the scenery, while activity has the potential to be developed such as: photography, surfing, beach recreation, sunbathing, camping, and sea plant research.

For the tourist activity surfing on the beach Cijeruk Indah may only be done by professionals only because the average wave height reaches 3 meters, when the rainy season, the average wave height may reach 4 to 5 meters. From every visitor who came to the beach this Cijeruk Indah argues that this Cijeruk Indah beach is a beach that is very beautiful and still very natural, to the beach this Cijeruk Indah often mentioned by many visitors as the future beach of Bali in West Java.

By the time the visit for 24 hours, Cijeruk Indah beach areas have an average temperature 27 degrees Celsius/year and maximum temperature 28 degrees Celsius/year, with the sun shines an average of medium and large wind power.

This beach plain land form, material type soil in Cijeruk Indah beach the form of beaches of white sand and smooth on the coast. Water color of this region there are 2 kinds of colors, blue is situated on the coast and central coast and brownish green color is available at the meeting of river water with sea water (estuary).

The smell and the normal water temperature while the slope of the seabed slope and seabed area of this material is fine sand, mud, rocks, coarse sand and gravel. sea plants which are often found is a type of seaweed while for the sea animal is ornamental fish, snails and shellfish, Cangkel fish and mackerel fish.

With the slope of the coast is flat and 2,500 meters long beachfront, wide of beach 50-100 meters, the level of abrasion medium, the stability of the beach is stable with plant on the beach from Ketapang and Pandan Bidur. Environmental quality is very good.

Source clear water comes from wells with clear water quality, taste and smell of fresh water to normal water, beach Cijeruk Indah Beautiful yet built accommodation & souvenir shop, there were 13 kiosks / stalls in the vicinity of the beach made of wood with thatched black injuk providing general food , and there is 1 piece of parking lot near the entrance of the bus with a capacity of 4, 8 private vehicles, 90 motor with an area of 1500 m2.

The condition of the parking lot is quite good, with a surface layer of soil and vegetation was adequate shade and then there are 4 toilets, access roads in the form of provincial roads with good conditions of 4.5-meter wide road and footpaths along the 8 km, width of 0.5 -1.5 meters.

You are interested with the beach in Garut, You can do all your holiday activities in the city of Garut because Garut is a city that has a complete tourism in the province of West Java, ranging from mountain tourism, rafting, beaches, waterfalls, lakes, warm water baths, swimming pools, craters, diving, climbing, surfing, spa, temples, paragliding, river and many things you can do in the city of Garut very amazing.

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