Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The cause of divorce J Lo and Marc Anthony

Divorce between Marc Anthony and J Lo is very surprising and regrettable by many pihak.The Couple who has been in the gift of two twins is suddenly surprisingly announced his divorce.

The cause of their divorce until now still a secret J Lo and Marc Anthony at a press conference because they do not explain why they both arrive at that decision.

Source close to saying that the divorce is because Marc Anthony did not like it when his wife became a symbol of beauty Body. while they are still together what costumes are in use JLo can fights between them.Marc if his wife does not like wearing clothes that are too show her curves . Marc wanted to JLo more polite to keep his appearance to look like a good wife and mother.

JLo is indeed one of the artist who has a body beautiful in the world, and perhaps he wanted the beauty of the body as electronegative as JLo viewed by people.Likes described by the nearest source, as long as this is always set JLo Marc had to wear clothes like this apa.Maybe this is the one cause of their divorce.

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