Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R2 50 | Duo Maut Ninjais Riau

Virus GP same style as pervasive in the depths of Hermanto and David. Without feeling Testament, the original guy and Dumai Rengat It comes with 250 R Ninja outdate transformed tub mounts moge overseas raider.

While we are pretty big engine and the fairing shape body very fit for MODIF like this. The result can be satisfied and certainly far from the original high price, "foundation of both. | Rob / punk

Kawasaki Ninja R250 - Rengat

Body Solutions CHROME
In the hands of as modifikator Wijaya, uniforms and equipment letestede Ninin fairing factory. Only the stern are revamped to be more peaked fiber custom fit the theme. Later in the workshop chromated total Clink Jakarta. Results of the chromium is not just the standard allowed for granted, but in solid colors with matching red scotlite following sikkens varnish through the hands of Tommy Airbrush Jakarta. "He looks even more blink blink bro," open the owner of this motor.

Ex-foot R1
Although by nature to look macho Ninin not necessarily make doi satisfied. Keep in touch again in the sector's legs still look skinny. A set of wheels former waste moge ditebusnya to beat the Yamaha R1 hot asphalt with rubber Riau Islands Cunti Continental Race Attack. Problem ajrutan and shut-off wheels no need to think again, because everything is complete alias seaech, "added the doctor modif.

Kawasaki Ninja R250 - DUMAI

Red Ducatisti
Unlike the Ninja have David, who lived in the numbers Hermanto Kasim SS was made in the single body in debris seater. Inspired by the forms of sport Ducati 848 through fiber dough from the crew Dales. Painting workmanship selected red and white mixed danaglos siralic began re fused all motor side, this new ride mate Casey Stoner, "user cuap this sikken varnish. While the front looks trendy lighted angel eyes HID projector Kitaco handlebars and rearview mirror amid Koso.

Leg Standard Equipment
To appear hostile to the sport should be capitalized, large no fairing. Middling cheap but not tacky. So, this Ninin legs appear commensurate with the original Enkei rims are wrapped with rubber re Batlax BT 1992. The second suspension is also still the factory default anyway, but his arms ayun cool because it makes getting re-boost aka a custom license plate image doi iron horse.

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