Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Motorcycles

While going on motorcycle trips, you must learn to properly plan for the trip in advance. This is especially important if the trip is going to be a long distance one. You can be well prepared by putting some forethought and making sure that you have everything ready before going on a motorcycle trip.

If you are going on a long distance motorcycle trip, you may have to be well prepared to face repairs involving some vehicle parts. Road side problems can be handled properly by having some tire patches and spare CO2 cartridges at your disposal. Portable set of wrenches can also be carried to make your work simpler. You can also carry flashlights and multi-tool kit which can come in use when your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the night. You can also find sparkplugs, extra fuses and light bulbs handy and these can be carried in your tool kit for quick fixes.

You must consider the safety factor of your vehicle while planning to go on long trips. Safety gear for your motorcycle such as motorcycle covers or Harley covers and locks must be given prime importance. Robbers will stay away from your vehicle if you lock the wheels as well as the bike. It is better to take the locks along so that you can park the vehicle by the side of the road securely when you have to leave the vehicle for a longer duration of time. You can carry portable locks which are a lot better than chain or hefty lock types.
When it comes to long motorcycle trips, you must not forget to take care of yourself. You must think of skin protection from sun if you are going to be riding during the day time. Lip balm and sunscreen can be really useful during the trip. You can also carry a first aid kit with basic or minimum items such as antiseptic ointment, bandages and pain killers. Along with the right gear, it will be beneficial to carry some eatables and your cell phone. Your cell phone must be fully charged as this can help you make a quick call during emergencies.

It is also recommended to pack some essential items of hygiene such as towel, soap, tooth brush, comb, shampoo and others because you may require these when you go on a long distance trip on your motorcycle.
Camping equipment will also come in handy when you go on a long distance motor cycle trip. Though this may be difficult to carry on a motorcycle because of its bulky nature, still it may be extremely advantageous to carry additional gear for your use. You can buy dome tents that can fold and be carried easily. These can be convenient for use as they tend to offer more space and comfort on spreading out. Another good option is the self inflating mattresses which can offer you a cozy space in the wilderness. You can secure these items on to your motorcycle by putting them in a protective bag.

The aforesaid items are a must while going on motorcycle trips. Seasoned riders make sure to have a motorcycle trip checklist ready so that they can avoid problems later on. By carrying all the essential items you can arrive on the specific location well -prepared so that you can have a wonderful trip. By preparing in advance, you will not have to buy items at a high price in your destination. This can save time, money and energy eventually.

With the perfect gear and essentials you can go for some wonderful motorcycle journeys both locally and long distance as well.

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