Wednesday, February 9, 2011


honda vario balines modifed with harley handlebar

Well ......! This new robahan steady and balanced. Honda Vario dimension that tends wide angle which is too sharp angle, it is very appropriate for a solid display to fill. Like his 2008 Honda Vario Rony Lubis, who on review by MotorPlus some time ago.
The theme is carried Vario modif Rony's Harley Lubis is Rockabilly. Indeed, after the entry Rony's garage, Vario sweet moments with Agnes Monica was so rock n roll.
Rony did not mean to conjure up such Varionya today. But it was directly related to the same sense of actualization. On that basis, the iron had to dibubut and then formed a pointed or sharp
machine of honda vario

All the materials used are iron various types and sizes. There are several types of steel plates used. "Generally, the thickness of 7 mm, but after dibubut be 5 mm," said Rony further.

After the lathe, was then coated with dural alias vernekel chromatised. "After that, just let kinclong polished linings," said the man Sundanese Mandailing with a thick accent.

Let me look over the total up to the sector under, then retreat, retreat or engine-mounting is also given a chrome steel bracelet. "Endless pipe inside chromatised forgotten. With the installation of this bracelet looks even more sangar, "the story of this relay guy.
Display sangar and ferocious courage makes Rony Rockabilly love the name Harley. Whereas ngalahin practically sangarnya H-D!
harley davidson handlebar in honda vario

Because the flow is hot rod, solid features, large and flat so the extra attention. Can be seen from the tricks
in tire selection. Although the front rim measures just 3x14 inches, but the tires are mounted fairly large, which is 140/60-14.
Was done solely to get an impression of solid and big. Understandably, such a tire size, usually even use a large rim to tread. Get to the X14 has 5.5-inch dimensions.
exhaust honda vario
honda vario there is no death, this time I got the information from the origin modifikator bali, honda vario made in 2007 modified with the harley davidson handlebars. really cool, look at pictures honda vario with low-rider theme modifications, very handsome once. front tire on the front and rear for a large size of the modifications characteristic of low-rider. in Bali was not just a bike just made models like the harley davidson Cooper. honda vario but can also be made Cooper.

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