Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paul Jr Designs, Anti-Venom Bike

Paul Jr Designs, Anti-Venom Bike
"Paul Teutul Jr". is proving his father Paul Teutul Sr. wrong as unveiled his two brand new choppers recently.

Fans of Paul Jr. Designs. are applauding the Paul Jr. Designs team for creating the amazing the “Anti-venom” black and yellow chopper.
As Paul Jr. Design’s first design, the bike rocked and looked original compared to Paul Jr. Designs favorite Black Widow bike.
One of the most popular-and Paulie’s favorite bike that he built-was the Black Widow bike.

American Chopper Senior vs Junior
With a small crew of friends and members of Orange County Choppers show now working for Paul Jr. Designs, Paul Teutul Sr. must be fuming or green with envy.

Paul Sr. must be going crazy with envy!
If you have ever watched an episode of American Chopper you will know that it is all about theme bikes. Well Paul recently built the Anti-Venom bike, and you will agree that it is an awesome looking machine.

Fans of "American Chopper" will know that this bike has a few design features from OCC’s Black Window Bike – this is not surprising as Paul Jr. designed that bike as well. Do you think that the Anti-Venom is better than the Black Widow Bike?

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