Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motor Cross Over, And Pasar Cross over

 motor Cross over It means combination between Bebek, Skutik, Hyper Underbone and Sport bike it is like Ducati with Multistrada
Suzuki Satria FU, Jupiter MX dan Performance
The Skutik market and the Standar Duck could be affected by the current! Degan riding position that familiar the simple alias as well as as usual - Honda fame that could gain the lay consumer easily, meaning that the market of the Standard duck that was in the range 12-14 million rupiah could easily digembosi by the Cross motor over this one. Whereas for Skutik where the practicability became the mainstay namum together with increasingly was enjoyed by him skutik dikalangan bikers the man then the requirement between the practicability and the performance to increasingly the ray. So as could be more or less the prospective consumer skutik trutama that continued to crave the performance

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