Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MODIFIKASI Motor Ostoure | Motor Unik dari Iran

MODIFIKASI Motor Ostoure | Motor Unik dari Iran

Problem designing motorcycles, designer of Japan, Italy, and America quite prominent. However, their design directed into a mass product. However, from Iran, a designer named Mohammad Reza Shojaie has demonstrated that his form of two-wheeled vehicle is art.

She described it as a concept bike engined super smooth and named Ostoure. In the language of Iran, the word means "legend". Here, Shojaie feel nostalgic: a smooth bike with iron bars which are connected together transformed into a super bike naked and muscular.

Indeed, the view that without sepatbor rear wheel is a strong feature of the bicycle. The section was combined with the design of the seat. So was the model handlebars, the bike racing is similar.

Uniquely, Ostoure motion system has two wheels (2WD) with front and rear wheels using a differential. Even so, remain on the front wheel steering. The rear suspension uses a single rate.

No less unique, the work of this Shojaie using three radiators. Main near the front suspension with adjustable size. Two other smaller than the first and is located next to the machine.

Shojaie also designed a panel of indicators that are in the top of the motor. He also makes the helmet HUD indicator equipped with a Bluetooth-connected speakers and equipped with cooling systems.

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